Unique 5-aside experience

Fivezer's purpose is to provide a unique 5-a-side football experience for joga bonito’s amateur.

The concept was born in 2018 when a group of Street Football enthusiasts came up with the idea of ​​an app that would find 5-a-side football matches anywhere, anytime.

Thus was born Fivezer, our passion is to create services that help the football community to play friendly or competitive football matches.

Fivezer app

We have since progressed in a methodical way, by creating a long-term global development and delivery plan for Fivezer products, forming a team bringing together a maximum of skills necessary for the good development of the project, conducting analyzes of the competitive platforms, defined the resources necessary for this project (apart from our respective expertise) and started the development of the first version of our product.

Support Fivezer

In just one month, we had the first feedback from sports complex owners and professional footballers who expressed their interest and support for Fivezer!

We can't wait to share our passion with the community and bring Fivezer to life!


Street Football is a culture on its own. Regardless of the country or social background, joga bonito’s enthusiasts have the same language, the same codes.

We aim to become the next generation ambassador of Street Foot culture so that players can fully enjoy their passion.

Fivezer is a next-generation iSports league, a gateway to the largest competition/friendly games where the best teams compete locally and worldwide, anywhere, anytime.

Fivezer provides a free platform for Five owners to easily manage their bookings from any devices (mobile, tablet & desktop), and have access to a large community of players.

In addition, our platform offers partnership opportunities such as embedded our technology into other companies/projects like video games (Fifa, PES), sport retailers (Nike, Adidas, Puma), e-health apps, scouting agencies, performances and stats (individual/team) monitoring by using various ioT tools (connected wristbands, balls, nets, GPS tracker and more).

Fivezer #DifferentAnimalSameBeast